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Irish Whiskey

Send Irish Whiskey to Latvia

Have you been searching for the perfect Irish Whiskey gift to give to your beloved in Latvia? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

Whether it’s for a festive gathering, a romantic gesture, or a corporate event, sending Irish Whiskey to Latvia offers a touch of elegance and sophistication. 

In giving an Irish Whiskey gift to Latvia, you should only trust one of the best to avoid headaches when the time to provide is already there. All of our gift-giving services are tailored to provide convenience, quality, and excellence to our valued customers.

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Let W&L Delivery Send the Finest Bottle of Irish Whiskey to Latvia

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A Quick Overview about Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey should be on your checklist if you’re a whiskey connoisseur. Unmalted barley and single malts, such as grain whiskey, are triple-distilled to create this type of whiskey. This whiskey became popular due to its pleasant taste, and most people all over the world, particularly in the United States and the United Kingdom, enjoy it. You’ll find Irish whiskey in bottles with names like Jameson.

This whiskey is renowned because it has a mild and smooth flavor. It can be prepared with either a deep oak or a fruity flavor. The whiskey must be 80 to 120 proof, contain an ABV of 40 to 60%, and ideally should also have an age of at least two years. The whiskey must contain natural ingredients, and the oak must be used in the aging process. It also cannot have any synthetic flavorings. The Irish Whiskey Prevention Act of 1800 made it illegal to add coloring or flavoring to whiskey that was not already naturally occurring when it was bottled.

Irish Whiskey or Scotch?

The difference between Irish Whiskey and Scotch is easy to spot. Irish Whiskey is spelled with an “e,” as are some other types of whiskey, but Scotch Whiskey isn’t. Both types of whiskey can be distilled in Scotland, but the trend these days is to use Scotland as the country of origin on a whiskey label regardless of where it’s distilled. Irish Whiskey and Scotch Whiskey are both aged in oak barrels, but they’re not made from the same type of barrels or with a similar type of wood. Irish Whiskey is traditionally aged in staves from Irish oak, while Scotch Whiskey is aged in oak casks made from French and American oak. Scotch Whisky has a higher alcohol percentage than Irish Whiskey and it’s usually bottled at 80 proof. Scotch Whisky uses barley malt, which is usually 50% or less of the total grain bill, while Irish whiskey typically uses malted barley which makes up about 40% of the total grain bill.

Taste Various Types of Irish Whiskeys

Single Malt Scotch Whisky (or, as it’s referred to by the brand, Single Malt Scottish Whisky) is made from malted barley and then distilled in copper pot stills. This style of whiskey became renowned for its signature caramel taste and trademarked all-grain flavor profile. Single malt scotch are distilled just once and can be aged for a minimum of three years in casks that do not exceed 700 liters. The alcohol in the final product is at least 40% ABV, but some single malts are much higher.


Irish whiskey is a type of whiskey that is produced in Ireland, using a blend of water, barley, and malt. It contains 90% alcohol and its name comes from the distillery’s founder, Jameson. It has a smooth, mellow taste with no burn or bite.

Single Malt

This malted barley variety is made from 100 percent malted barley and is still produced a pot still, as are all current malty drafts.  This style of malty beer is characterized by a moderate to low malt bitterness and almost no hop flavor or aroma. The term “malt liquor” was coined in the 1800s during prohibition. As most breweries were producing spirits as well as beer, they had to decide whether or not to call their beers beers or liquors. They decided that since their products were primarily malt beverages, they should be called “liquors.” This is a light-bodied beer with a clean, crisp finish.  The flavor is lightly to moderately hopped and malt-forward, with a light bitterness and soft or nonexistent hop aroma. A light body typically means that the beer is very pale in color. This style of beer is often served cooler (below 45 degrees Fahrenheit) so that it can be consumed year-round.

Single Pot Still

Beer is brewed with a combination of malted and unmalted barley, which is extracted in the distillation process.


Wheat and corn are typically used to make whiskey. This type of whiskey is known for its lighter style. It is produced in the column still instead of traditional pot stills. .Wheat whiskey can be made from regular or high-quality malted barley or a mixture of barley and rye. The whisky is then aged in oak casks for at least three years, increasing the flavor and smoothness. Some producers use bourbon to make wheat whiskey because it has a smoother taste and doesn’t have as many alcohol molecules. As such , most wheat whiskeys are more expensive than their corn counterparts.

Single Grain 

This variation is distilled from only one grain – typically corn. It is not a whiskey and can be mixed with other spirits to liven them up, but the corn-based whiskey does not taste like whiskey.

Drink the Best Irish Whiskey

Irish whiskey traditionally tastes a lot different depending on the type of drink you enjoy. However, certain categories exist that include smoother versions like Irish blended whiskies or Irish coffee shots, to more distinctive versions like Irish whiskey cocktails. It’s a great match for food- especially Irish cuisine. Though whiskey is typically associated with being served with a cocktail, it is also enjoyed neat or on the rocks. It can also be enjoyed in a cup of coffee, soda, or even during brunch as a hot toddy. There are many brands of drinks available and they each have their own type of taste. Some people like sweet drinks while others prefer a little more spice. You can find drinks with flavors like grape, orange, and pomegranate. Many people choose to drink a certain type of drink daily and then switch it up to something else for a change. For example, someone may drink orange soda all week long but switch it up with cherry during the weekends.

Why Send a Bottle of Irish Whiskey to Latvia?

Numerous reasons exist for why you should try this whiskey: like other alcoholic drinks, whiskey is known to be healthy. Alcohol has low nutritional value and contributes to the build-up of fat in your body. This beverage is not recommended for weight loss or combined with strenuous activities. It contains calories which facilitate the conversion of alcohol to energy and sodium which works in conjunction with carbohydrates for muscle contraction. Besides, whiskey is also a rich source of minerals such as copper and manganese. These minerals are important to the functioning of various organs in the body. Copper breaks down toxins and manganese helps in bone formation.

Whiskey can also be used to improve cognitive abilities and reduce the risk of age-related neurological illnesses. It is also effective in preventing heart disease, internal blood clots, diabetes, and other health risks.

When consumed in moderation, whiskey can improve your body’s immune system by providing antioxidants that allow BMR to increase or decrease the efficacy of various illnesses. Whiskey also contains an enzyme called alcohol dehydrogenase, which helps the body clear free radicals by converting them into less harmful molecules.

With all of the benefits that whiskey has to offer, it’s no surprise that sending a bottle of Irish Whiskey to someone you love is the perfect gift on any occasion. W&L Delivery helps you select from their selection of whiskeys and make sure your package arrives safe, sound, and on time.

Choose W&L Delivery to Your Wine and Liquor Needs

We have a great selection of products pitched by our experts, so we’ll take care to help you find the perfect wine or liquor to send.

At W&L Delivery, we want to deliver the best Irish whiskey that there is on the market. We source our whiskey from world-famous brands such as Bushmills, Jameson, Teeling Whiskey and Tullamore. We can also make it extra special by adding a note or complementary snacks to make the package more unique, mainly intended for a holiday or occasion. gift. At W&L Delivery, we want to deliver the best Irish whiskey that there is on the market. We source our whiskey from world-famous brands. We can also make it extra special by adding a note or complementary snacks to make the package more unique.

Do you wish to send Irish Whiskey to Latvia? You know who to call – W&L Delivery!

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